Welcome to St. George High School, a place for quality education, a place where innovative ideas meet and materialize. We expect to create a school culture where all students strive for academic excellence, where children are taught how to think, not what to think. Ever since I took over as the new principal at the beginning of the academic year 2014, I believe it is all about carrying forward and maintaining the high standards set by my predecessors in the past years. I consider myself a student in that I am constantly learning. My mantra is Learn, Dream, and Lead! This is the hope I have not only for myself but also for my students and teachers as well.

We believe that if students are enjoying the classroom then they will open up themselves to true learning. Teachers must create an atmosphere where students look forward to learning and where students feel challenged, not overwhelmed.

Our School kept up the tradition of cent percent SSC results this year too with 92 students scoring the distinction. It is with pride I can say that every student we dispatch from this institute has the grace and competency to make a difference on a larger platform.

It was a humble beginning in 1967 with 12 students in a hut, an inception alike the public ministry of Jesus our eternal teacher with 12 Apostles. Since then the school saw several revamps both structural and educational in order to embolden the motto of the institute ‘darkness to light’.

This academic year will center around the theme 'a Call for Moderation - in harmony with the world'. This is inspired by the UNO's theme of moderation for the year 2019. The main objective of this academic theme is to help students to understand and assess the need of the hour and prioritize it in their day-to-day life. Developing sensitivity towards fellow humans and Mother Nature and nurturing the values of sharing and caring through the virtue of moderation will be the special objective of every student this academic year

Every child who is and has been the part of this school identifies oneself as Georgian and a Global citizen. Education is nothing but being able to be caring and sharing with all our fellow beings by practicing moderation as a virtue. The bounty of mother nature is designed to sustain the whole of humanity with perfect balance and every Georgian will strive to maintain this balance through the virtue of moderation. Charity begins at home, so every Georgian will make sure moderation begins with the moderation of the self, and thus become an example of a true moderator of peace for the entire creation.

God has been gracious and extremely munificent to us since the birth of this school. We hope and pray that He continues to bless us. We hope for yet another promising academic year ahead of where we hope to outdo ourselves from the last. Wishing you all happy learning and a great scholastic year ahead. God Bless.

Rev. Fr. Tenny Parakka CMI

St. George High School