The activities in school give chance for a child to explore his/her creative, physical and mental abilities, and aesthetical, socio-political interests with the like-minded students under the guidance of their teacher. On Thursdays the campus of St. George High School looks beautiful with the presence of students in colours with their equipments/instruments of favorite activity. The activities in our school help children to acquire multiple skills, which is the need of time.


Cricket: Our Cricket team brings glory to St. George by being at the top in many of the competitions they took part. This is the most loved game for Georgians too. Skating: Our parents are astonished to see their children flying on wheels. Skating is a special attraction, which has taken the fame of St. George beyond frontiers of our Nation. Miss. Afeefa of 12 years old, has won medals at Honkong skating contest. Other sport activities in the school are Badminton, Basketball, Football and volleyball.


Children can join for Dance, Drawing, Music (Vocal and Instrumental according to their choice), Speech or Theater arts according their choice. Karate is also taught in the school.


Smart Kids is a special attraction of St. George, where the children get plenty of chances to stand in front of others and express themselves. Counseling: This facility helps the children to acquire personal guidance.


A package of programs including operating system, animation, etc helps children to advance their computer knowledge.


Children of each class get exposure for presentation of subject matter of the lesson they learned, which help their personality development.